Thursday, August 28, 2014

MELYSSA FORD and J KYLE MANZAY talk "The Vixens Project"


(New York) - We sat down with actress and real estate tycoon Melyssa Ford and producer/writer/director J Kyle Manzay to talk about the off-Broadway play "For Vixens Who've Considered Homicide When The Video Was Too Much".

They talk about how they came up with the concept for the play.

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MORGAN HERITAGE talks the new single "Put It On Me"


(New York) - THE A.A.V.E. and host Jennifer Moise caught up to The Royal Family of Reggae music, Morgan Heritage, at their in-studio appearance on Sirius XM studios this week.

The group talks about their new smash single "Put It On Me" and the future of Reggae music.

The single is available now on iTunes!!!

WorldStarHipHop interview for 'The Field: Miami'

(New York) - THE A.A.V.E. and host Jennifer Moise talk with Lee "Q" O'Denat, CEO and Founder of WorldStarHipHop, about the new documentary 'The Field: Miami'.

Following the critically acclaimed success of its debut documentary 'The Field: Chicago', this second installment gives an eye-opening view into the evolution of the local Miami rap scene as well as the effects of the gripping poverty and drug-laden landscape of many parts of the city beyond the pristine sands of South Beach.

The film features Luther "Luke" Campbell, rapper Gunplay and Trick Daddy amount others.

'The Field: Miami' will go Live on starting August 18th, 2014.

Monday, April 28, 2014

FRIENDED TO DEATH - in theaters May 2nd, 2014


New dark comedy starring Ryan Hansen (CBS's "Bad Teacher", VERONICA MARS) 
& Zach McGowan ("Shameless", "Black Sails").  The film is written and directed by 
Sarah Smick and Ian Michaels.

FRIENDED TO DEATH is a dark bro-mance comedy about a social media junkie who fakes his own death online just to see which one of his "Friends" will show up to his funeral. Smick's tongue-in-cheek feature film debut is laced with witty satire about today's hyper-connected world of social media and the desperate attempts one can take to realize who their true friends are.

FRIENDED TO DEATH charts the extremes to which a desperate Facebook junkie will go in order to figure out who his true friends are. Laced with satire, this tongue-in-cheek bro-mantic comedy tells the story of obnoxious Los Angeles parking enforcement officer Michael Harris (Hansen). After being fired from his dream job and ditched by his best friend (McGowan), Michael begins to question whether anyone would care if he died. So with the help of his pushover ex-coworker Emile (Immekus), Michael does what any social media-obsessed loner would do: He fakes his death online to see who will show up at his funeral. In just hours, Michael's fake death post attracts a promising 22 'Likes.' Giddy and eager to milk the prank, Michael convinces Emile to help him stage a faux memorial service. But as plans start taking shape, Michael's reality gradually implodes, forcing him to reconsider what it means to be a "friend" in today's hyper-connected world of social media.

In Theaters May 2nd, 2014